8-Bit Theater
Episode 171
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Back into the Cave... in a Minute
Date Published Wednesday, July 10th, 2002
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Free Hobo Stew.


Cast Appearing[]


The Light Warriors are still in the forest near the cave.
Red Mage On the bright side, we've probably gotten the grossest part of this adventure over with.
Black Mage Yeah, I mean how many caves can there possibly be that incorporate human skulls into their decor?
Fighter looks back toward the cave.
Meanwhile, at Jack's Discount Human Skulls Factory...
A high-tech lab can be seen. On some monitors a chart labeled "Human Skull Sales" can be seen spiking upward. Another monitor says:

"Order Invoice:
10,000 units

Bill to:
City and County of Neverwinter"
Jack Jenkins, we're going to have to step up production to meet this newest order. You know what that means.

Hit the docks and take the hobo population down a notch or two.
Jenkins Aye!
Back to the forest sans Fighter.
Black Mage So. Let's get movin', shall we?
Thief Fighter went back into the cave.
Black Mage (looks to his right and notices Fighter missing) And after we officially declared that we'd never go into that cave again. That's a shame.

He will be missed.
Black Mage Like throat cancer.
Black Mage Guess we'll have to pack up and leave him beh--why are you looking at me like that?
Red Mage We have to go back and get him.
Black Mage Are you kidding me? Do you know what kind of freak-cave it would have to be if it's got human skulls lying around?! This is exactly the chance that I--er--we... hm, no, definitely just me. Anyway, he's gone and, let's face it, probably dead by now. Let us not waste out precious time and organs in a futile search for his slain body.
Black Mage You know what they say, "The corpse you find may be your own."
Thief "They" do not say that.
Black Mage Well, mind you it is hard to speak with six inches of knife sticking out of your face.

Mostly they just gurgle.

And bleed.