8-Bit Theater
Episode 174
Episode 174
Cornetto Break!
A New Vargus Technique!
Date Published Wednesday, July 17th, 2002
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Fighter initiates an Earth-shattering battle... with a wall.


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MatoyaI've got chocolate-pecan, oatmeat-raisin, and peanut butter. And they're all fresh, too.
Red Mage Yay!
Black MageI don't suppose you've got some doom cookies in there?
MatoyaOh heavens no, they taste like hell. And I'm a witch, so I know what I'm talking about.
Black MagePoison cookies?
MatoyaBleh! Don't get me wrong, I love a good poison pudding but it's absolutely dreadful in cookie form.
Black MageWhat about sharp corners? Exposed electrical outlets? Fire hazards? Radon in the basement? Cans of Mountain Dew?
MatoyaNope, nothing like any of that in here.
My cave is completely childproof.
As a coincidence, that also makes it completely idiot proof.
Black MagePhooey.
Matoya and the Light Warriors enter Matoya's Cave. Out of frame, Fighter is making large fighting noises.



MatoyaWhat the devils is that racket?
Black MageIf I know anything about zodiac style sword play, and unfortunately I do, that racket is the Ram Form "breaker" maneuvers.
Fighter(out of frame) Ha-Cha! That that, vile cave-beast!
Fighter(out of frame) Ouch.
Matoya(to herself) Now where did I put that light spell...
Red MageAh, so it's a sword fighting form that relies on striking at an opponent's weak points?
Very clever.
Black MageNot exactly. It's the "Ram Form", whatever genius Vargus may have possessed with a blade, he was no mathelete in the realm of imagination. So...
Black Mage...the main tactic of the Ram Form of Zodiackenshido is to break your opponent's equipment with your head before he breaks your head with his equipment.
Fighter(charging with his head) Yaaar!
Black MageNeedless to say that there have been few masters of the Ram technique.
Matoya turns the light on.
Fighter(staggering, holding his head) Are you the owner of this doom cave?
FighterYour rock-giant infestation has been taken care of.
MatoyaWould you perchance be referring to the East wall of my living room?
FighterDarn my overactive imagination. Darn it to heck.
MatoyaHow did you dent the wall?
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