8-Bit Theater
Episode 175
Episode 175
What the Cookie Sect do on Sundays
The Trap is Sprung
Date Published Monday, July 22nd, 2002
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The Light Warriors are poisoned - bet you never saw that coming!


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The Light Warriors have a cookie in their hands.
MatoyaSo, did you boys enjoy your cookies? Hmmm?
FighterOh yeah!
Red Mage+3 cookies of yummy.
Black MageNo talk! Eating!
MatoyaThat's good. I'm glad you liked my cookies. The secret ingrediant is evil.
Black MageI knew it!
MatoyaHowever, I do have a request for you boys.
And by "request" I of course mean "demand."
Black Mage"Demand"? Lady, I don't think you know, nor do I think you want to know, the world of pain you're about to discover.
MatoyaAnd I don't think you want to walk out of here without knowing what the antidote is. It would be terrible for your health if you suddenly died.
Black MageAntidote to what? You're completely...
...out of your...
The Light Warriors look at their cookies.
FighterAww nuts.
Red MageI really should've invested in danger sense.
ThiefSuch a delicious con!
Black MageBut I like cookies.
ThiefWell, you've won my grudging respect, witch.
I assume you have something specific and harrowing in mind for us.
Or are you just some crazy old lady living in a cave who enjoys poisoning happless passersby just because it makes you laugh?
MatoyaQuite observant, Thief.
I do indeed have a mission for you boys. A quest.
Who knows? You might even get to walk away from this with more than just your lives.
Black MageWee.
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