8-Bit Theater
Episode 179
Thief looks cosy there
Thief looks cosy there
A Little More Confusion
Date Published Wednesday, July 31st, 2002
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Matoya asks the Light Warriors to go to Pravoka.


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Matoya It's so nice of you boys to get rid of that heavy armoire for me.
I almost feel sorry for poisoning you into my sub-quest. I'm this close to regret.
Black Mage Gee. Thanks.
Red Mage Perhaps you could give us some clues as to the possible whereabouts of your crystal ball?
After all, it is in your own best interest to help us find it before your poison finishes its work..
Fighter (with Armoire of Invincibility on his back) Spine... like... twig...
Matoya Oh, of course. Bikke the pirate stole it on his way to take over the port town of Pravoka. It has a port. Y'know, for boats. And he is a pirate afterall, pillaging towns and stealing from old ladies is what he does, so I don't blame him for it.
Black Mage Wait a second!
Black Mage You know exactly who took your crystal and exactly where he is and you're not even mad at him for it, yet we're the ones who are poisoned and have to go get it back?!
Thief Ribbit
Matoya I suppose it does seem strange that I would simply sit here and wait for the off chance that adventurers would happen by so that I could make them go get my crystal.
Matoya But, then it wouldn't be a sidequest, now would it.
Red Mage She's got a point.
Black Mage What the---no she doesn't!
Matoya A frog is not the most horrible thing one can be magically transformed into. I can demonstrate if you wish.
Black Mage See, now that is a good point.
We'll see you once we return from Pravoka with your magic crystal seeing eye... thing.
The Light Warriors leave the cave.
Matoya Such nice young men.
Black Mage (out of frame) She better have an antidote for face-stabbin'! 'Cause oooh, her face is so stabbed when we get back!
Matoya It sure is nice to finally get that darned armoire out of here.
It'll really open up the living room.
Still, it seems strange that a Fighter would be so eager to get his hands on a piece of furniture.
Even if it is invincible furniture.
Matoya Hmm, upon further reflection, I really hope that he wasn't asking for my armor of invincibility. Darn my poor old lady hearing. Oh well, I'm sure he'd tell me if there had been a misunderstanding.
Cut to the Light Warriors, with Fighter leading at the front, still with the armoire on his back.
Black Mage Move it, Slowy McSlow!
Fighter My invincibility is killing me...


  • In the original Final Fantasy it was actually Astos that stole Matoya's Crystal Eye, though the Crystal Ball did eventually fall into Astos's possession in 8-Bit Theater.