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Episode 180
That's all we need - another boring Maths lesson
That's all we need - another boring Maths lesson
Headin’ To Pravoka
Date Published Friday, August 2nd, 2002
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Black Mage and Red Mage discuss the perks of side quests.


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The Light Warriors are walking through a forest.
Black Mage Oh ye Gods, we are pathetic.
Red Mage How so? We've been hired to be Light Warriors and we're questing to save the world, and right now we're on our very first sidequest!
Black Mage Yeah, this whole sidequest gig is great, let me tell ya.
I think my favorite thing about it is the part where we're all poisoned!
Red Mage B.M., It's almost like you have no understanding of adventuring at all.
A pie-chart of the Breakdown of EXP. is shown. Three quarters of the pie is labelled "Sidequests", a significant amount of the remaining quarter is labelled "Killing things", a smaller portion is "Solving ancient puzzles" and the smallest portion is "Main quest". Also shown is a bar graph showing experience types. The "Side Quest" is the largest with 503, and the "Main Quest" is only 24.
Red Mage Without sidequests, you're not on an adventure. You're just a roaming band of thugs who bring terror and death to an otherwise innocent and peaceful world. The noble sidequest is what separates us from the monsters. Life is a sidequest! Seize the EXP!
Black Mage Yes, but... your face is stupid!
Red Mage Alas, it is the secret, private agony of all who min/max... we bear the burden of a low charisma score!
Black Mage Newsflash: Your ugliness ain't a private pain, it hurts us all-booya!
Black Mage (writing in his notescroll) Man, I'm so damn funny!
Red Mage Well, if we're done making fun of me--
Black Mage For now.
Red Mage --I'd like to say that Fighter appears to have mastered his armoire.
Fighter Oh yeah, carrying this thing is a breeze now that I'm fully supporting its weight with only my spine.
Red Mage But isn't that painful?
Fighter You have no idea.


  • Separates was misspelled as Seperates.