8-Bit Theater
Episode 182
Red Mage's real name might be Elmer.
Red Mage's real name might be Elmer.
O' Fighter, Where Art Thou
Date Published August 7, 2002
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No Sirens or cultists were involved in this Episode. None at all.


In a forest, on the way to Pravoka

Cast Appearing[]


Red Mage Well, it's up to us, now.
Black Mage You don't seriously want to fight that thing, do you? We might have to touch it, y'know. Touch it.
Fighter Fighter can't... breathe...
Fighter Need air to live...
Creep Spak!
Red Mage We could hide here behind the armoire until it waddles away.
Black Mage I'm okay with that.
Fighter 3...
Red Mage Don't you think we should help Fighter? He appears to be in pain.
Black Mage I'm okay with that.
Fighter 2...
Black Mage On a completely unrelated note, I wonder when Thief will turn back to normal.
A frame after Black Mage says this, a "Poit!" comes up as Thief returns to his original form. In the next frame, Black Mage is carrying Thief on his head.
Fighter 1...
Black Mage is crushed by Thief with a "Ker-Thud".
Red Mage "We thought you was a toad."
Thief "I got better." But why are you whispering?
Fighter 0...
Black Mage Because the monster over there is really gross and we don't want to touch it. Now shut up before it notices us and get off me before you start going through my pockets.
Thief What're you so worried about? You've only got some moldy spell components and old gum wrappers there.
Black Mage How do you... Ooooh.
Fighter Blehhh...


Thief's mysterious recovery and "I got better" quote may be a reference to Monty Python.