8-Bit Theater
Episode 184
No, Black Belt is.
No, Black Belt is.
Poor Black Belt
Date Published August 12, 2002
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Next to Rex Crockett, Black Belt is probably the most abused minor character here.

Cast Appearing[]


In a forest, on the way to Pravoka


Black Belt Heh, they're too busy bickering to notice me. They'll never suspect a thing.
Thief Fine!
Black Mage Fine!
Thief Fine!
Black Mage Fine!
Thief Fine!
Black Mage Fine!
Thief Fine!
Black Mage Fine!
Black Belt Time to take out the trash!
Thief You're stupid.
Black Mage No, you're stupid.
Thief No, you're stupid.
Black Mage You're stupid.
Black Belt Yar!
With Black Belt shouting this, he lunges at the Creep. A SCHLORP! sound is made in the next panel.
Black Mage What the hell was that noise?!
Red Mage I think it was Black Belt.
Black Mage Black Belt, eh? That means White Mage is near!
Black Mage (in imagination) Wanna go back to my place and peruse my scrolls?
White Mage (in BM's imagination) Wanna drop dead?
Black Mage Dammit, even in my imagination she's too smart for my slick pick up lines!
Thief Do you guys hear... I'm not sure. It sounds sort of like whimpering and pleading and begging, only muffled.
Black Belt Help... Please help.
Red Mage I can't believe he's trying to rip its innards out!
Thief I know! Its disgusting exterior is nothing to it, so he dove in it!
Black Mage You can still hear it cry.
Black Belt Help me...