8-Bit Theater
Episode 189
Nice to see a different mushroom cloud for a change
Nice to see a different mushroom cloud for a change
Do Not Keep Creep Near Open Flames
Date Published Monday, September 2nd, 2002
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White Mage takes matters into her own hands.

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White Mage Oh great spirit of the divine, grant me the forgiveness that I, in my fleshy weakness, cannot grant, and thus must perpetrate this act of violence against my fellow man.
Hammer in hand, White Mage jumps towards Black Mage.
Thief Boy, I'm sure glad we're nowhere near that.
Red Mage And how!
White Mage slams her hammer into Black Mage, shooting him in a fiery ball towards the Creep.
White Mage HOLY FIRE
Black Mage Ouch
Creep Sploog
Thief Out of curiosity, how vulnerable is this creepy thing to fire spells?
Red Mage (holding a copy of Nintendo Power) Well, let's see. The book says...


When ye attacke the monstyr Creep with thyne spells of fyre, yea, viktory shall be unto thee post haste. But only do so at a considerable distence.
The Creep explodes with a KA SPLART!, tossing the Light Warriors, Black Belt, White Mage and the airmoire of invincibility in the air.
Red Mage I suppose our distance wasn't considerable enough.
Thief It even dies with a gross sound effect.