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Episode 190
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The Aftermath
Date Published Wednesday, September 4th, 2002
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Will the Light Warriors escape their great descent from the sky?

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The Light Warriors (barring Fighter), White Mage and Black Belt are falling down.
Black Belt
White Mage
Black Mage
Red Mage
The five heroes crash into the trees.
Black Mage On the bright side, the forest's trees broke our fall.
The Light Warriors fall out of the trees and onto the floor.
Thief Why did you have to say that?
Black Mage Well, how else were we supposed to get down?
White Mage Wait a second. Has anyone seen Fighter?
They look up to see Fighter falling down, with the Airmoire of Invincibility just above him.
Fighter AHHHH!
Black Belt Look, he's down there!
White Mage Up! He's up there! What's wrong with you!
Fighter Whap's onto the floor.
Fighter Urgh... I... I think I'm going to be okay.
The Airmoire of Invincibility Crunch's on top of Fighter.
Black Mage You know what the best part is?
I wanted it to happen and then it did!