8-Bit Theater
Episode 193
Episode 193
Altered Perceptual States
Date Published Wednesday, September 18th, 2002
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I thought night only happens at inns?

Cast AppearingEdit


  • In a forest, on the way to Pravoka


Then suddenly, and without any warning either, right in the middle of their really witty banter...
ThiefI like stealing.
White MageI like healing.
Black BeltI like kicking.
Red MageI like stats.
Black MageI like evil.
FighterI like... er, what was it?
...night fell.
Night (falling down) I hate this joke.
White MageI suppose we should set up camp for the night.
Red MageGood idea, White Mage. We'll need to set up a base camp. I think this clearing will be a good spot for a town hall. Black Belt, you're used to chopping up wood, so you get to work harvesting lumber from the neighboring forest. Thief, you're into "collecting" gold, so you can hit the neighboring gold mine--though I suspect doing so will artificially create a high upkeep situation, I'm sure his thiefy speed will make up for it.
White MageThief, you've talked to Red Mage more than the rest of us. What the hell is he doing?!
Black BeltIt's like he's in another world.
ThiefYou may be more right than you know, Black Belt.
Red MageWhite Mage, Black Mage, and Fighter, I want you three to team up on a barracks to the South.
Black MageI'll barracks you to the South!
ThiefSee, Red Mage's mind is so full of information from his hundreds of reality "handbooks" that, I think, sometimes he gets his wires crossed.
ThiefSo he talks even stranger than normal.
But I wonder what it is like to experience consciousness split between planes of interactivity.
Red Mage insanity vision implemented

Red Mage is on the roof of a barracks while there are several other units fighting each other.

White MageI guess we'll never know.
Black MageNever you mind what it means!
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