8-Bit Theater
Episode 194
It's like Psycho without the shower... or Janet Leigh
It's like Psycho without the shower... or Janet Leigh
It’s Brighter ‘Cause There’s a Full Moon
Date Published Friday, September 20th, 2002
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The Light Warriors put the tent barracks up.

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Fighter We finally got the tent up.
Black Mage Heh. Tent? Don't you mean the "barracks"?
Fighter (looking at the tent) No, I'm pretty sure it's just a tent.
A barracks would probably be a much larger, more permanent structure.
Black Mage Why do I even try to share my fabulous wit with you?
Red Mage rushes to Black Mage, knocking Fighter over.
Fighter Not again.
Red Mage What's going on here!
Black Mage Well, we finished the "building". Your alleged barracks.
Red Mage That was yesterday, what have you done for me today?
Black Mage Yesterday?! It was like five minutes ago.
Red Mage You've been idle for five minutes?! Do you have any idea how far behind that puts us?!
Black Mage Apparently not, no.
Fighter (on the floor) This sand tastes like dirt...
Red Mage We're defenseless! We could be wiped out by a horde of orcs or a legion of undead!
Or, terror of terrors, a legion of hordes of undead orcs!
And it'll be your fault! So what are you going to do?
Black Mage (holding his knife) Well...
Black Mage (thinking what White Mage would say:-)
White Mage Blah blah blah, Black Mage, blah blah, blah, stabbity, blah blah, I would never date a horribly violent living incarnation of evil,
Black Mage Dammit! She's right.
Black Mage looks to his right to see White Mage scowling at him.
Black Mage Er...
Black Mage (to Red Mage) Let us discuss our plan in the safety of the tent.
Red Mage Barracks.
Black Mage Whatever.
Red Mage and Black Mage enter the tent. Black Mage prepares to stab Red Mage in the back.
Red Mage Why do I have to face the other way for you explain the plan?
Black Mage Trust me.
Fighter (to White Mage) It's so good to see them getting along.
White Mage Isn't it?