8-Bit Theater
Episode 196
Black Belt vs. the Invisible Man of Cornelia
Black Belt vs. the Invisible Man of Cornelia
Takin’ Notes
Date Published Wednesday, September 25th, 2002
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Black Belt performs a rigorous practice session?

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Cut to Black Belt who is striking several martial arts poses.
Black Belt HA!
Black Belt HMMMM!
Black Belt (blurred, kicking in front of him) YAAA!
Thief That's quite a rigorous practice session, Black Belt.
Black Belt Practice, shmactice. There's a gnat buzzing near my ears. I hate that.
Thief Ah. And here I thought you were busy honing your mind and body into perfect harmony.
Black Belt What? Why would I do that?
Thief Er... well, I thought that's what martial artists did. You forsake melee weapons and constantly strive to transform your own body into the perfect weapon. This process often involves a training regime meant to unlock nigh-mystical powers within the practioner.
Black Belt Well now that's certainly an interesting approach.
Back at my dojo they just taught us to beat our opponents senseless.
Black Belt The prevailing theory of the school was that an opponent who was too broken to move was an opponent who was defeated.
Thief That's like ancient wisdom of the orient.
I guess.
Black Belt So is being able to break a man's limbs in six places before he hits the ground. Ha!
Thief Hm, so you are a brutally efficient hand to hand fighter.
Tell me, you don't happen to have any sort of heightened senses, do you?
Thief You know, the kind where you would know if someone was sneaking up on you from the shadows.
Black Belt Nope. Why?
Thief takes a scroll out and writes "BB: Weak against stealth..."
Thief Hm? No reason. Anyway, White Mage wants us all back at the camp for some sort of group activity thing.
Black Belt 'Kay. What're you writing?
Thief Nothing. Now go have some amnesia dust.