8-Bit Theater
Episode 199
Me so offended! Karate Chop Brack Mage-san!
Me so offended! Karate Chop Brack Mage-san!
We Have Reached a New Low
Date Published Wednesday, September 2nd, 2002
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Black Mage insults every person living in Eastern Asia.

Cast Appearing[edit | edit source]

Setting[edit | edit source]

  • White Mage's Tent
  • In a forest near Pravoka

Script[edit | edit source]

White Mage (praying) Prayer mumble Gods of Light whisper prayer
White Mage I'm sorry, where was I, Black Belt?
Black Mage (thinking) She's totally falling for it!
White Mage (putting her hood back on) I know I will regret it, but nevertheless, I must look.
Black Mage (East Asian accent) ME SO HONGRY! FIND DOG FOR SOUP!
White Mage turns around.
White Mage What are you doing?
What made you think this was a good idea?
For the Gods' sakes, you've still got your mage hat on!
Did you think I wouldn't notice?!
Black Mage I was hopin'.
White Mage And what have you done with Black Belt?
Cut outside. Black Belt is outside stark naked, with Thief.
Black Belt You want how much for a pair of robes?
I'll never pay!
Thief Oh, but I think you will.
Back inside the tent.
White Mage And why, why would you use that atrociously offensive accent?! Black Belt isn't Asian! And even if he was, they don't talk like that!
Black Mage (East Asian accent) OHHH. ME SO SORRY!
White Mage Are there no depths that you won't sink to?
Black Mage We won't know 'till we get there!
Back outside to Black Belt, who is still naked.
Black Belt Don't judge! It's cold out here.
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