Fallout: Nuka Break
Season 1 - Episode 2
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Episode 2
Date Posted September 12, 2011
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Twig, Ben, and Scarlett find the town of Eastwood, but they don't get a warm welcome.

Cast Appearing[]

  • Twig (Zack Finfrock)
  • Ben (Aaron Giles)
  • Scarlett (Tybee Diskin)
  • Touch Conners (Doug Jones, first appearance)
  • Raz (Steven Dengler, first appearance)
  • Multiple armed men of Eastwood


Running time[]

Seven minutes, twenty-nine seconds


The wasteland...
A desolate place darkened by the shadows of a dead civilization.
There are no heroes, only survivors.
This is the story of one man's quest to find happiness.
The perfect Nuka-Break...
Fallout: Nuka Break
The trio continue to trek the Wasteland. Rummaging through the bags of the raiders they killed in the previous episode, they find nothing of value.
Scarlett and Ben throw the bags away.
Ben Any good?
Twig (dumps bag) No. Nothing at all.
Ben (picks up Twig's bag and rummages through it) Y'know, I find it hard to believe that anyone this could far out not have anything on them. That's just rude.
Scarlett Probably because Twig is a moron and the only thing is ever looks for is NUKA-COLA!
Ben (takes out a folded piece of paper from the bag) Well there's a lot to do with it. But...
(opens the fold, examines it) Scar!
Scarlett and Twig look at Ben.
Ben You should probably see this.
Scarlett slowly walks over and takes the paper, examining it. Her brow furrows and she seems slightly distressed at what's in it.
Scarlett Shit...
Twig (walking over) What's that?
Scarlett gives Twig the paper and he takes a look as well.
Ben That's probably why we were attacked.
The piece of paper is a bounty note for Scarlett. A picture of Scarlett is on it. The note dictates...
Slave formally owned by Leon Swallow has been spotted around the New Vegas areas with two companions: a Ghoul and a Vault Dweller.
Reward: 200 caps
Cut to a slideshow.
To understand their predicament, one must understand Scarlett's unique situation.
Once a slave to Caesar's Legion, she was bought by a man by the name of Leon Swallow.
While being transported from Boulder City back across the Colorado River, their escorts sought refuge from the oppressive wasteland sun in a cave.
It was here that fate led Twig and Ben where they stumbled upon the group.
A firefight ensued.
In the confusion, the trio managed to make their escape.
Now, hunted by the Legion, they find themselves on the wrong end of a very sharp spear.
Cut back to Twig examining the drawing...
Twig O-ok, wait. Who has time to learn how to draw?
Scarlett W-what? Twig...
Twig I mean, w-we're in a world full of mutants and robots...
Scarlett Please stop.
Twig ...and people killing each other over caps, and this guy learns how to draw?
Scarlett Twig! Do you think that this is a game? That this is fun for me?
Twig is speechless.
Ben Well, look on the bright side. It's two-hundred caps.
Twig How is that a bright side, huh?
Ben It used to be a hundred-and-fifty. That means we're movin' up in the world.
See, if that keeps up, we're gonna have some real hunters comin' after us.
Twig Ben...
Scarlett puts down her gun and fits her gloves in place.
Ben Hardcore, cold-blooded murdering bastards! They could be anywhere!
Twig Scar?
Ben Or anyone.
Twig Scar, no--!
Scarlett punches Ben across the face. He falls down in a heap.
Ben Ugh!
Scarlett picks up her gun and starts to walk away. Twig offers his hand, but Ben doesn't take it.
Ben I got it...
He uses his shotgun as a crutch as he gets up, muttering incoherently to himself. Scarlett stops and sighs.
Scarlett Sorry, Ben.
Ben Ahh, I had it comin'.
Scarlett Let's just find your friend, ok?
Twig Scar, I'm sorry, ok?
Scarlett (waves dismissively) Yeah, it's fine.
It's ok, Twig. Being mad at you is like being mad at a puppy: it's just too dumb to know any better.
Twig stares and sighs to his chagrin. Scarlett turns around and starts patting her lap at him.
Scarlett (calling a dog) Come on, boy. Come on... Look at you, come on...
Twig give her a look and follows.
Scarlett Good boy...
The day passes, and an eagle caws overhead. The trio continue to walk. Scarlett tries to drink from a bottle of water, but it's empty.
Scarlett Shit...
(to Ben) You said we would be there by now.
Ben We are. I know where we're going.
Scarlett What does that even mean?
Ben It means... that I'm not lost, and I know, where, we're going--
Scarlett I never said we were lost.You said we were gonna be there by now...
Twig (lagging behind, stops) Ugh...
Scarlett ...and, you're the one who said you said we'd be there by now because if you did...!
Twig catches his breath. As Scarlett and Ben continue to argue, a mirror's glare shines on Twig's face. Trying to shield his eyes from it, he catches a glimpse of a settlement in the distance.
Twig Hey, hey guys!
Scarlett and Ben continue to argue.
Twig Hey GUYS!
Scarlett -I just wanted to know when we're gonna be there...
Twig HEY, GUYS!!!
His shout echoes.
Scarlett What!?
Ben (simultaneously) What!?
Twig points to the direction of the settlement.
Twig Is that it?
The two turn and see it.
Ben Told you we weren't lost. Heheh...
Scarlett Dude, you're an asshole!
Ben I know.
They start walking.
Twig Hey, wait- wait up!
After a while, they reach the gates of what looks to be a ghost town. The sign above says "Eastwood". They walk across the dilapidated shacks.
Twig Eastwood, huh? Kinda empty.
Scarlett Kinda really empty.
Ben sighs as he looks around.
Twig (calling out) Hello?
They immediately get surrounded by men in cowboy hats, cocking shotguns on the roof. A bunch more flanks them in the back and front, some wielding pistols. A man wearing a large, black top hat. The sound of his steel-toed boots echoed on the wood as he stepped out of the shack and came towards them.
Scarlett Well,
The trio drop their weapons and raise their hands.
Scarlett Shit.
Mayor Conners (tsks-tsks) Such a dirty word from such a pretty mouth.
The scene cuts back from the Eastwood sign.