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Episode 200
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Thief Likes Money
Date Published Saturday, October 5th, 2002
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White Mage asks Black Mage how he got the idea of disposing of Black Belt.

Cast Appearing[edit | edit source]

Setting[edit | edit source]

  • White Mage's Tent
  • In a forest near Pravoka

Script[edit | edit source]

White Mage (to Black Mage) How were you able to take Black Belt out?
Earlier on, before Black Mage took out Black Belt...
Black Mage (to Thief) You'll give me the secret to defeating Black Belt for just half of my share of the treasure we'll find on our quest?
Sign me up!
Back to present time.
White Mage (to Black Mage) And just where did you get the inane idea that you could disguise yourself as him?!
Earlier on, before Black Mage took out Black Belt...
Black Mage (to Thief) You'll give me the secret to winning White Mage's heart for just half of Fighter's share of the treasure we'll find?
Done and double done.
Thief hands a scroll to Black Mage.
Thief Just sign on the dotted line, the one under it, and the one under that one.
Black Mage Done.
Thief And initial it at the bottom. And then the top. In that order.
Black Mage Not a problem.
Thief And then forge Fighter's signature.
Black Mage Beat ya to it.
Thief I feel it necessary to inform you that the contract gives me the rights to the bottom halves of your treasures.
Black Mage Top, bottom, what do I care?
Thief Well, it's just that...
Thief (quietly) ...I'd have to go through the top halves to get to the bottom halves, and I do happen to have first rights to any treasure I see, so I'll acquire your left over halves on the way to my halves.
Black Mage What's you say? I didn't quite catch it.
Thief Just speaking in fineprintese. Don't worry about it.
Back to present time.
Black Mage Look, the point is that I'm here, it's night time, and we're in your tent. So let's get wacky.
Black Mage Wacky with love, that is!
White Mage No.
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