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Episode 202
Sardapedia makes every effort to include as much nudity as possible
Sardapedia makes every effort to include as much nudity as possible
Samurai Jack Action
Date Published Thursday, October 10th, 2002
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The Light Warriors have a somewhat... interesting night's sleep.

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All was well in the Light Warrior camp that night...
Cut to Matoya in her cave.
Matoya Gosh, I sure do hope those hapless passersby are able to get my crystal ball back so I can see again.
This whole blindness thing is a real pain.
I can't even tell what kind of poison I gave them, or how much I used.
Matoya Oh well. If they are the Light Warriors after all then I guess they'll survive one way or another.
There's nothing to worry about, really. The poison was diluted in a whole batch of cookies so they ought to be fine regardless.
Unless of course I somehow managed to give them my nightbane poison, known as the most powerful, even deadly, hallucinogenic compound in the entire world. In which case, may wretched souls.
Close up on the phial of nightbane. It reads:-


Endless nocturnal torment. Guaranteed!

Cut back to the campsight. It is now daylight. White Mage walks out of her tent, followed by Black Belt.
White Mage My! What a wonderful night's sleep!
There's nothing quite like sleeping under the stars.
Under the tent tarp.
Oh, and I want to thank you for keeping watch.
Black Belt Think nothing of it, White Mage. It's part of the job.
White Mage Hm, it looks like we're the first ones up this morning.
Black Belt I don't know about that. Look, the Light Warriors' tent is empty!
Black Belt Do you think they ditched us?
White Mage Not likely, the armoire is still here. I doubt Fighter would leave it.
Black Belt But where could they be?
The Light Warriors are stark naked.
Black Mage Let us never speak of this again.
Thief Agreed.
Red Mage