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Episode 203
Epsisode 203
The last meeting?
Sometimes Fate Needs Help
Date Published Tuesday October 15th, 2002
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White Mage and Black Belt depart the Light Warriors after doing all the work for them

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White MageWell, I suppose this is good bye, Light Warriors.
Though it is an honor to join you on your most holy quest to save the entire world...
We can't afford to meddle directly in your affairs.
Black MageBut you guys always meddle in our affairs.
Black Belt defeated the creep and, more importantly...
Red MageAnd don't forget the time when White Mage healed me from the brink of death after the... difficulty... with my plan to defeat the werewolves.
ThiefAnd we were standing in the Carnernia Courtyard when we first met White Mage, and that's where we met Red Mage who joined us. So, in effect, White Mage helped to define us all as the true Light Warriors.
FighterWow, I never thought of it like that before.
Black Belt and White Mage are always helping us out of a jam.
They're our own guardian angels.
Black BeltThat is an interesting point, White Mage.
It seems that we are the ones doing all the foot work.
White MageDon't you mean "leg work"?
Black BeltI don't tell you how to heal, you don't tell me how to kick.
White MageWell anyway, I come from a very unique school of non-interference. See, what you do is... er...
White MageRUN!
White Mage runs away, leaving Black Belt behind. She leans back in the panel to Black Belt.
White MageI was talking to you by the way.
Black BeltOhhhh. Okay, yeah. That makes more sense now.
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