8-Bit Theater
Episode 204
yes, it's another 8-Bit comic
yes, it's another 8-Bit comic
"Unholy Spells of Death, Black Mage!"
Date Published Thursday October 17th, 2002
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The Light Warriors continue on their way to Pravoka. Slowly.

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And so...
The Light Warriors are walking towards Pravoka. Fighter is carrying the Armoire of Invincibility.
Black Mage Oh for the love of evil, not this again.
Thief As team leader, I have to say I don't approve.
Red Mage Agreed. The armoire's massive encumberance rating is fast becoming a major hindrance to our heroic travels.
Thief And that big unwieldly thing will no doubt interfere with my all important flee ability. Plus, the quicker we travel, the less we have to deal with the Nightmare poison.
Fighter I'm sorry you feel that way, fellas. But I've been questing for the Armoire of Invincibility all my life.
I'm not about to give it up now.
Black Mage HOLD IT!
Black Mage Where, oh where to begin. Oh, I know!
First we've only been on this "quest" of yours for like three days.
Second, you were looking for the Armor of Invincibility, not the armoire.
Fighter You are obviously mistaken. I wouldn't be lugging around this impossibly heavy furniture if I hadn't been questing for it.
Fighter I mean, geez, I'm not stupid.
Black Mage It's furniture. Not armor. It does not protect you.
Fighter Ha! Shows what you know. Thanks to the armoire, I haven't been hit by an enemy yet!
Black Mage That's because it crushed you to death before the monster could attack!
I distinctly remember dancing on your grave.
Fighter I'm afraid I don't follow...
Black Mage (holding his knife) Then you must bleed.
Red Mage Wait! I have an even better solution.
Stay tuned!
Same 8-bit time!
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  • Both the title of this comic and the ending is a reference to the Batman television series. A common catchprase is "Holy (something), Batman!" and episodes often end with the words "Stay tuned, same bat-time, same bat-channel!"
  • Black Mage's 'Hold It', plus his stance and the diagonal background refers to the Ace Attorney franchise.