8-Bit Theater
Episode 205
The even older style was summoning lines
The even older style was summoning lines
Superstring, Summoning, and You
Date Published Saturday October 19th, 2002
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Red Mage introduces the Hypercube.

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Red Mage We don't have to carry that cumbersome armoire around with us.
Fighter Oh yes we do! I shall never go back now that I have tasted of sweet, sweet invincibility.
Fighter It tastes like varnish.
Not many people know that.
Black Mage Must... destroy.
Red Mage That's the beauty of this plan. You won't have to give up the armoire's invincibility...
Black Mage Am I the only one who can see that it's not actually invincible? It's just really heavy. That's it!
Red Mage ...only it's incredible burden and spinal hazards. Interested?
Fighter Spinal hazards are hazardous... sure!
Red Mage We'll simply store the armoire inside an extra-spatial object! I happen to have a hypercube in case of just such a necessity.
Black Mage HOLD IT!
Black Mage Why are we even mentioning semi-regular polyhedrons and real space?
Red Mage I've got an 8 in super-dimensional physics. What's your excuse, hm?
Cut to a flashback to a Black Magic college. A green spike is in a teacher's hat.
Black Mage (narration) I took a few summoning courses back in Black Magic college.
Black Teacher Get this damn thing outta my hat.
Cut back to the forest.
Black Mage So I know a thing or two about accessing 16-bit dimensional planes.
Red Mage Then you're no stranger to this...
Red Mage holds out a red sphere.
Thief Is that a... summoning materia?
Red Mage Yes. Also known as a hypercube.
Black Mage Or a "summoning cube", among magickal circles due to their extrapolation from the old style summoning squares.
Fighter What's all this cube talk? It's a ball. Duh.
Red Mage Technically speaking, it's a high dimensional cube that's distilled into our own 8-bit universe.
It looks like a ball to us because we lack the 16-bit senses and spatial awareness to properly percieve its actual form.
Fighter Well... yeah.