8-Bit Theater
Episode 206
That's some vacuum cleaner.
That's some vacuum cleaner.
Don't Stand Next to Spatial Anomalies
Date Published Tuesday October 22nd, 2002
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The Hypercube gets to work.

Cast Appearing[]



Black Mage Okay, so how is this summoning cube--
Red Mage You mean hypercube.
Thief You mean easily pawned valuable crystal orb thingie.
Fighter You mean super bouncy ball!
Black Mage looks down.
Fighter Well think about it. If an 8-bit super ball bounces really high, then a 16-bit one could probably go orbital!
Black Mage Anyway!
Black Mage So how is this... thing going to help us with the armoire?
Red Mage It's quite simple really.
Red Mage places the hypercube into the upper cabinet of the armoire.
Red Mage We just put the hypercube into the armoire...
Red Mage And let super dimensional physics take its course!
The armoire is absorbed into the hypercube. Red Mage's hat is also absorbed into the hypercube.
Red Mage (no hat) I wouldn't suggest standing so close to the gravitic reactions but...
What are you laughing about?