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8-Bit Theater
Episode 207
Episode 207.png
And you thought Red Mage had helmet hair
And you thought Red Mage had helmet hair
Gettin' a Move on
Date Published Thursday October 24th, 2002
Previous Comic Episode 206: Don't Stand Next to Spatial Anomalies
Next Comic Episode 208: Look Who's Back
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Will Red Mage reclaim his +3?

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The Light Warriors are laughing to themselves.
Red Mage Can we get back on track?
We're still poisoned and Pravoka isn't just around the corner.
Black Mage (laughing) Yeah, sure, whatever you say.
Thief (laughing) Ahem. Yeah, let's go!
Red Mage begins tugging at the feather on his hat, which is still in the hypercube.
Red Mage Give me my hat back, you blasted theoretical space-time model!
I need that +3!
Red Mage finally gets his hat back and puts it on his head.
Red Mage Who's laughing now!
Red Mage walks off.
Thief Us.
Red Mage Hmmphf!
Luckily, Pravoka wasn't much further...
Fighter So, we're headed to Pravoka.
And we're gonna fight some pirate. So... could say that we will Pravokem!
Fighter ...
That's Pravokem. Get it?
Pravokem. "Provoke them" it's funny.
See, 'cause when we fight them, they will be "provoked."
It just felt like a very, very long trip.
Black Mage (holding his dagger) It would be so easy to...
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