8-Bit Theater
Episode 208
Garland putting on his Drizz'l voice
Garland putting on his Drizz'l voice
Look who's Back
Date Published Tuesday October 29th, 2002
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Garland joins forces with a pirate.

Cast Appearing[]


  • In a forest near Pravoka
  • Bikke's Pirate Ship


As the Light Warriors neared the port town of Pravoka...
Red Mage (walking in the front) I wish to point out that I am adamantly opposed to the order in which we are walking.
...An evil force gathered on the horizon.
Cut to Bikke's pirate ship.
and er uh...
Bikke Yar! What be the hubbub, bub?
Garland takes a nonchalant glance followed by a conspiratorial check.
Garland I found a quarter and I'm not asking if it belongs to anyone.
Bikke That's plain mean. Yar.
Bikke And ye badguy voice be as vicious as the stormy sea, so says me.
Hey, that rhymed, yar.
Garland Well, I don't like to brag, but I am a villain after all.
Garland I must admit however, that until recently I wasn't very good at it. I was even defeated by a band of heroes. But since that day I have felt... different.
Garland Almost as if I have been soaring with evil determination!
It's like I'm at least twice as evil as I used to be!
Bikke Twice as evil? From being defeated? And you're already up to petty theft?
Garland Yup.
Bikke You're not human! You're a thing! They grew you in a lab!
I'll not meddle in such wanton deviltry and yar!
My crew won't be your plaything!
Garland I will be paying you, of course.
Bikke Consider the lives of me crew to be forfeit.
Garland I'm sure it won't come to that.
Bikke It will if I says it will.