8-Bit Theater
Episode 209
No, I said Drizz'l. Drizz'l!
No, I said Drizz'l. Drizz'l!
The Pillage Boat
Date Published Thursday October 31st, 2002
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Two villains deal in villainous business.

Cast Appearing[]


  • Bikke's Pirate Ship


Bikke It's settled then.

Me and me mates will ambush these land lubber Light Warriors.
And you'll be givin' us ye gold.

Garland You'll be rich and I'll be rid of those pesky heroes.

They who have hunted me relentlessly across this forsaken realm! They who have been my eternal foes for almost half a week! I shall revel in their horrible and very gruesome defeat!

Bikke Yar! Let us celebrate our villainous business relationship with a round of ale!
Garland That may be easier said than done.
Your pirates already pillaged this town for all it was worth.
Bikke Ye point?
Garland Me point, er, my point is that Pravoka is now a ghost town.
Bikke So... if Pravoka be a ghost town because we stole everything, yar...

That means it's all back on me ship! I think I'll rename 'er "the party barge"!
We'll sail 'round the world having misadventures tinged with slapstick and romance!

Garland Okay...
But first let's take care of them Light Warriors.
Bikke Aye! They be like a thorny thorn in ye sidey side.
Garland Yar!
A flash of Lightning appears behind Bikke and brandishes a sword at Garland.
Bikke Be ye makin' fun of me accent, sonny-jim? Yar.
Garland Meep! A-accent? W-what accent? I don't hear any accent. Gulp.