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Episode 211
Episode 211
Pravoka Postcard
The Pillage Idiot
Date Published Tuesday October 5th, 2002
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No prizes for guessing who the Pillage Idiot is.

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The Light Warriors walk into Pravoka.
Black MageCan someone explain to me why we didn't go with my hadoken plan?
Red MageIt was not in our particular idiom.
Black MageWhat, you mean it wasn't a guaranteed failure?
Red MageI don't have to take that kind of abuse.
Black MageYes you do.
ThiefI fully understand your misgivings about this plan, BM, but trust me. It's truly for the good of the group.
Thief looks down and covers his mouth, as if he's mumbling under his breath.
Black MageYou just did that thing where you say something like "and by 'group' I mean 'me'," under your breath, didn't you.
ThiefHrm... can you prove that I did?
Black MageUh... I guess not.
ThiefThen I suppose I didn't say that.
Black MageI can only assume we're down here in Pravoka because Thief wanted to pillage the town personally without the need to be sneaky.
ThiefI take offense at your slanderous allegations, BM.

(mumbling under his breath) Accurate though they may be.

Black MageThere! The bastard did it again! Didn't you hear him mumbling!?
FighterNo, I didn't hear anything.
Red MageHm, nor I.
Black Mage holds his hands in the air, then thinks for a bit, then holds his hands up again, then thinks again.
Black MageLet's just go, okay?
I give up.
ThiefThat's more like it.
FighterI think Black Mage is hearing things.
Red MageHe's probably suffering from insanity effects.
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