8-Bit Theater
Episode 214
Yo ho ho and they're on the rum
Yo ho ho and they're on the rum
Into Action... I think
Date Published Tuesday October 12th, 2002
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The Light Warriors find a good vantage point to spy on the enemy.

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The Light Warriors are on top of the port building, overlooking the pirate ship (except Black Mage, who is struggling to climb up). Nine pirates are working on the deck of the ship.
Red Mage Here, atop the port building, is the ideal position to supervise from.
Black Mage Mages are not built for climbing. I am living proof.
Black Mage finally gets on top of the building.
Red Mage All right, team! Are we ready!
Fighter YEAH!
Black Mage
Red Mage Now go get those suckers.
Thief Er... they appear to have been gotten already.
Red Mage What?!
Thief See for yourself.
All nine pirates have collapsed on the deck.
Fighter We're so powerful, just our battlecry killed them!
Black Mage looks down, shrugs his shoulders and then holds his knife out ready to stab Fighter.