8-Bit Theater
Episode 219
Episode 219
Cheesy Pick Up Line no. 219
Drowning Your Sorrows
Date Published Tuesday November 26th, 2002
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Bikke and Garland make a hasty retreat.

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The Light Warriors (excluding Fighter) are at the dock.
Black MageI can tell that this is a bad plan. Red Mage came up with it.
Red MageTrust me, this one'll work. I mean, it's bound to happen one of these days.
Next panel shows Bikke and Garland behind Red Mage.
Black MageThough I hardly find that to be a worthy case for going with this plan...
Has it occured to you that they're Right behind us?
They probably heard the whole thing.
Red MageNaw, this is all out of character. We're cool.
Black MageOut of... what does that even mean?!
Red MageShh! It's time! Get in position, guys!

Thief! On my mark... mark!

Thief crouches behind Garland.
ThiefThe Eagle has landed, I repeat, the Eagle has landed. Over.
Red MageBlack Mage! On my mark... mark!
Black Mage does nothing.
Red MageGo on, Black Mage. Get in position and say your lines!
Black MageFine. However, know this. Your life has just become short and painful.
Black Mage walks to Garland.
Black MageAhem.
Good morrow Sir/Madam [select appropriate].
Such lovely/unseasonal [select one] weather we are having, eh what?
Red MageYA-HA!
Red Mage dives into Garland, who falls over Thief and into the water below, where Fighter is standing on the ocean bed.
Garland Bubble?
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