8-Bit Theater
Episode 220
No, he's asking you to tell a joke
No, he's asking you to tell a joke
Hallucination of Destiny
Date Published Tuesday December 3rd, 2002
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Fighter can't even die very well.

Cast Appearing[]



Dr. Swordopolis is talking to Fighter under the sea.
Swordopolis Fighter, Fighter, it's me, Dr. Swordopolis. Can you hear me, Fighter?
Fighter Burbley.
Swordopolis ...I'll take that as a yes.
Fighter, I have much to tell you but precious little time in which to tell it.
Fighter Gurgle.
Swordopolis This is of the gravest import. Do you recall that which we spoke of when last I visited you?
Fighter Bubble gurgle.
Swordopolis It's safe to say that your response was a non sequitor and probably food related, isn't it?
Fighter Burble.
Swordopolis I thought as much.
Regardless, you are the chosen warrior, Fighter.

It is you who shall be at the forefront of the dark days that imperil your world.
You will stand alone against the tide of darkness.
You will be as the sword of virtue that pierces the heart of evil.
Without you, there is no hope.

Fighter Gag...
Swordopolis Tsk. I know my language can become embellished, however this is a matter upon which the fate of the world resides.
There's no need to be rude about it. I can't very well say "you, Fighter, bust some heads."
Fighter GAG!
Swordopolis Oh, you're actually gagging.
Sorry, I tend to forget the physical limitations of you material beings.

Hold on, let me slice space-time. It'll be incredibly painful, but it won't have happened by the time I'm through, so don't worry.

Fighter Gag?
Swordopolis Yeah, I don't fully understand it myself.