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Episode 221
Episode 221
Aww, but I wanna go on the ground
The Law of the Sea
Date Published Thursday December 5th, 2002
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Bikke hands over his ship.

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Cut back to the Pravoka docks
BikkeYar. Ye defeated me crew in combat upon the high seas. Me ship be yours now. Tis the law of the sea.
Red MageEr... I've memorized every handbook concerning the high seas and there isn't a single passage that gives merit to this sort of exchange.
Furthermore, you were docked at the time.
So anything on the boat would fall under the civil laws of the city and county of Pravoka.
Not this alleged law of the sea.
ThiefNot to mention that scurvy killed off your pirates way before we could.
Red Mage(to Thief) QUIET, YOU FOOL!

(to Bikke) Er, what my esteemed colleague meant was that the scurvy killed... er, uh... their fighting spirit.
Yes, that sounds reasonable.
You may rest assured that their actual defeat was a direct result of our actions.

BikkeShe ne'er was the fastest boat. Or the sturdiest. Or the prettiest. But she was a good boat, I can tell ye that.
It breaks me heart to gives her to ye.
Red MageHave you heard anything I said?
BikkeShe'll take you where you need to be goin', though. If'n you need to be goin' on the sea, that is.
Red MageYes, but it's your ship.
BikkeImagine, tryin' to sail a ship across a mountain range. Couldn't be done, ye understand.
Red MageIs any of this getting through?
BikkeIt's a matter of logistics. There's just too much mountain in the way.
Thief(to Red Mage) Hey, he wants to give us his ship, I say we let him.
I won't even have to write up a scam contract for it.
Red MageEr... that's not particularly moral.
ThiefPirate boats have treasure. Treasure is bound to have a magical item or two.
Red Mage(to Bikke) So does this thing have a deed or a registration or what?
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