8-Bit Theater
Episode 223
Not much of an interrogator...
Not much of an interrogator...
Let the Interrogation Begin
Date Published Tuesday December 10th, 2002
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Bikke gets interrogated by the Light Warriors

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.3 seconds later...
Black Mage is slumped on the floor.
Black Mage Bones... broken.
Fighter Wow, what an adventure I had!
First I nearly drowned, then I fell out of the sky, and lived to tell the tale!

I can't wait to tell Black Mage all about it.

Black Mage (out of frame) Organs... ruptured.
Fighter Wherever he is.
Black Mage (out of frame) Hate... you so... much...
Red Mage You didn't pick up any extra experience, did you?
Fighter I sure as hell didn't learn anything, if that's what you mean.
Red Mage Close enough.
Thief (to Bikke) I don't like you and you don't like me. Now talk!
Bikke Ye don't like me? But we don't even know each other. I bets we have a lot in common. Treachery and such. Yar.
Thief Touché. I was never very good at these non-back stab confrontations.

RM, you take him. But look out, he's a tough one to crack.

Red Mage Not for long!

All right, Bikke. What'd you do with Matoya's crystal!

Bikke I don't know what ye talking about.
Red Mage Don't play dumb with me, sea-dog!
Fighter Yeah, that's my job!
Everyone looks at Fighter.
Black Mage Must use last ounce of strength to stab from beyond the grave.