8-Bit Theater
Episode 224
No, it's "Ye big baby. Yar."
No, it's "Ye big baby. Yar."
What’s Wrong Thief?
Date Published Thursday December 12th, 2002
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Will Bikke crack under pressure?

Cast Appearing[]


  • Pravoka Docks
  • Bikke's Pirate Ship, Aldi Sea


Red Mage Okay. Let me put it to you this way then. Did you steal Matoya's crystal!
Bikke No!
Red Mage No? Or... yes?
Bikke Er... I but... you and... uh...

Damn ye and ye black ops mind games!

Yes, I stole it! And I'd steal it again given half the chance!

I just wanted to feel like a big evil man. Is that really so wrong?

Red Mage Well, yeah.

Now quit crying and tell us where the crystal is!
Ya big baby.

Bikke Sniffle

I sold it, I did. To some elfish fellow. In Elfland.

Red Mage (knocking over Bikke) AH-HA!

Then let us disembark for Elfland post haste!

Thief Elfland? Do you really think that'll be necessary?
Red Mage We must complete the sidequest.
It's a sacred bond.
Fighter Yeah. Plus we really need the nightmare poison antidote and the crystal is the only way.
Thief We don't really have to go to Elfland.
Three hours later, half way across the Aldi Sea...
The pirate ship is sailing across the sea.
Thief We don't really have to go to Elfland.
Red Mage We heard you the first time.