8-Bit Theater
Episode 226
Black Mage seems to know intimate knowledge of such things.
Black Mage seems to know intimate knowledge of such things.
Date Published Tuesday December 17th, 2002
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Red Mage doesn't explain what the thumping sound is...

Cast Appearing[]


  • Bikke's Pirate Ship, Aldi Sea


Red Mage I wouldn't worry about it. Fanged death from the sea is quite routine.
Black Mage Routine. I see. Pretend for a moment that I'm your typical conjurer of dark arts.
Black Mage And, as a result, have about as much business on a sea going vessel as a pretty unicorn princess.
Red Mage Done.
Black Mage Thank you, now-- Wait!

Should I be worried, impressed, or insulted that you could so easily imagine me as a pretty unicorn princess?

Red Mage Well, the resemlence is remarkable, actually.
Black Mage Just get on with it!
Black Mage Explain, in simple terms, how "fanged death from the depths" could ever be routine.
Red Mage Well, first, it's a bit misleading to refer to the Aldi Sea as "the depths" since it is an extremely shallow body of water.
Red Mage In fact, nauticologists refer to it as the "fishin' hole of the world".

This is also misleading because no one in their right mind would be caught dead fishing in the Aldi.

Red Mage It's so full of pollutants and magical runoff from nation-states such as Corneria, Pravoka, Elfland and, until recently, Prontera, that--
Black Mage SHUT UP!
Black Mage Get to the fanged death or you will become intimately familiar with stabbity death.
Red Mage Tsk. There's no need to yell.