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Episode 227
Episode 227
This isn't real. We can see the strings!
Biology 101, RM Style
Date Published Thursday December 19th, 2002
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Red Mage finally explains what the thumping sound is!

Cast AppearingEdit


  • Bikke's Pirate Ship, Aldi Sea


Red MageAs I was saying, the Aldi sea is so full of hazardous materials that its habitants have been... altered.

Either through mutation, as in the case of Clamzilla...

A clam with a face is shown.
Red MageOr evolution as in the case of the land shark.
Black MageLand sharks aren't real.
Cut to a coastline. A "Land shark" with wheels has Garland clamped in its jaws.
GarlandDon't you believe it!
Cut back to the pirate ship.
Red MageSo the denizens of the Aldi Sea consist primarily of dangerous and aggressive beasts the likes of which God never intended.

That thumping you hear is just the sound of those vicious sea-mutants thrashing themselves against our hull in a desperate attempt to devour our tasty nutrient-rich flesh.

FighterOur flesh!? But that's where I keep my delicious nutrients!
Red MageWhich is precisely the point, I'm afraid.
Fighter runs around the deck of the ship with his arms flaying in the air.
Fighter(out of frame) Jump overboard! It's the only way to save yourself from the sea-monsters!
Black Mage(to Red Mage) Anyway! Why is it that you don't seem worried?
Red MageThey may be monsters, but they're sea monsters.
What're they gonna do? Flop around on deck and suffocate at us threateningly?
Black MagePoint.
FighterFighters and sword-smiths first!
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