8-Bit Theater
Episode 228
The Dawn of Realization
Date Published Tuesday December 21st, 2002
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We find out that there may be some problems with the ship...

Cast Appearing[]



Black Mage Okay, so the see monsters aren't a direct threat.
But it sounds like they're hitting the hull awfully hard.
Red Mage Yes, but, as I said, these attack are routine. Why, they're as much a part of sailing as the water. Ships are designed with these aggressive attacks in mind. We're fine.
Black Mage Oh. Well, good.
Red Mage Unless...
Fighter appears with his arms up.
Fighter No unless! Undo unless
This is a universe sans unless!
Red Mage Well, I was just thinking.
If Bikke was an irresponsible captain, he might have skimped on a few things.
Like the expensive and frequent repairs that are fairly integral to the hull not, y'know, collapsing.
Red Mage turns to Fighter.
Red Mage You can put your arms down.
Fighter Looks down. Sorry.
Black Mage Wait, wait, wait. Let's get back to these hull repairs. How integral are we talking here?
Red Mage Well, y'know how you need MP to cast magic spells?
Black Mage Yeah.

Looks down. Oh.

Well, I'm sure we have nothing to worry about.
Bikke seemed the responsible sort.
I mean he only fed his faithul, loyal, beloved pirate crew Cheetos for three months because it was cheaper than real food.
And since that led directly to their deaths, he was then able to keep all the money Garland paid for his full crew to kill us.
Money that would've undoubtedly of gone toward the upkeep of this boat had he not insisted upon giving it to us.
Why does that sound like something Thief would do?

Meanwhile, inside the Provokia casino...
Bikke Suckers!