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Episode 231
Episode 231
Fighter doesn't think. Go figure.
Argumentum ad Elfinem
Date Published Tuesday December 31th, 2002
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Thief reckons the Light Warriors should slow down a bit.

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Meanwhile, skimming across the Aldi Sea at 438MPH...
ThiefMaybe we should slow down a bit?
FighterThief is right. I don't think we can dock at 400 MPH.
Black MageEspecially when you consider our total lack of nautical ability.
Red MageNautical, shmautical. Give me one hour and I'll know enough to sail us into orbit!
Everyone looks at Red Mage.
FighterI don't think--
Red MageOrbit, I say!
Black MageLook, we don't have an hour for you to memorize the ship owner's manual.
Red MageGive me six hours and I'll master time magic! Then we'll have all the time we need.
Black MageYou're not a very good tactician, are you, Red Mage.
ThiefRegardless, the elvish kingdom is more than a little isolationist.
They may misinterpret our great speed as an act of aggression.
Black MageYeah, we're real scared of elves!
I hope they don't prance around with honey dew and frolick amongst the gumdrop trees.
ThiefBut the elves won the Great War.
Black MageCorneria won the Great War Two!
ThiefCorneria lost that one too!
Black MageYeah, well shut up, ugly!
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