8-Bit Theater
Episode 235
At least he's straight up about it.
At least he's straight up about it.
Death From Above!
Date Published Thursday January 11th, 2003
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The Light Warriors are unexpectedly nuked.

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Will the Light Warriors escape their squishy doom?
Did Thief Toss the Targeting Arrow overboard in time?
The boat gently floats along.
Archer The eagle has landed.
Captain Elf You mean the Giant?
Archer …Yes!
Captain Elf Good. I assume that the target has been, shall we say, "taken care of."
Archer Good lord, no, sir! That was a direct hit with a 40 ton Giant Bomb. Why would you order such a devastating strike if you wanted to take care of them.
Captain Elf It's a figure of…never mind, archer.
Is the city prepared for the tidal wave?
Shows a surfing elf.
WOOO! {{{2}}}
Archer Yes, sir, Captain!
Archer Though I rather think we may have overestimated its threat.
Captain Elf Never hurts to be safe.
Captain Elf (As the ship falls on Elfland) The important thing is that our would-be invaders are dead.
Captain Elf Archer, what was that racket?
Archer Dunno, captain. But it came from the woman's barracks.


  • Squishy is misspelled as squishie.