8-Bit Theater
Episode 236
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Enterprising Elves
Date Published Tuesday January 14th, 2003
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There's a perfectly reasonable explanation.

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  • Commander T'pol

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Commander and Archer are just outside 'Ye Ladyes Barrackes'.
CommanderI demand to know what's going on in there!

And this time, I'm not looking for the hot "elf on elf" action answer.

ArcherBut it is certainly an acceptable answer!
Light WarriorsHere, put this on!

Aww, fug!

Hurry, there's no time!

Lock the door, lock the door!

ArcherThose sounded like men's voices, captain.
CaptainWe'll see about that!
ArcherOpen this door! I demand to be allowed inside!
Red MageI think he's gone.
Black MageShhhh!
Archer bows to someone off-screen.
CaptainI want to know what's going on in there, and I want to know right now!
Commander T'pol appears.
Commander T'polArcher, you may rise.

However, it would seem Captain Archer has some explaining to do.

CaptainEr, Commander T'pol, I can explain, really.
Commander T'polI'm sure that you can. Let us hope that it is a logical explanation.
ArcherIt's all quite simple, really.

Captain just wanted to see what was going on in the ladies' barracks.

Commander T'polWhy am I not surprised? This is the third time this month, Captain.
Captain turns to Archer.
Commander T'polI'm gonna bust you down to private so fast you'll drop three phylums on the way there.
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