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Episode 237
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Light Warriors, Queens of the Desert
Date Published Thursday January 16th 2003
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I bet he was going to nominate Fighter...

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Commander T'polWell, much to Captain Archer's chagrin, the barracks are empty.

My girls are practicing elf-fu in the courtyard.

Captain ArcherImpossible! We heard a terrible commotion in here all the way from Security Station Alpha.

And, might I add, we heard voices from this door just prior to your arrival!

Commander T'polIf it is as you say, then we should inspect the barracks for ne'er-do-wells.

I'll just unlock the door here...

Light WarriorsRun!

Where! Hide! Where!

Commander T'pol enters the barracks. The Light Warriors are dressed as girls.
Commander T'polWhy aren't you girls with the others?

Why are you wearing casual dress instead of battle dress? And why don't any of you look familiar in the slightest?

ThiefThe answer is quite simple. We're... new. Yeah.

New recruits. That's us. Yup.

Commander T'polNew recruits? Even though as commandarer of the elf-ette warrior brigade I made no request for additional personal, have recieved no prior word of your arrival, and have no room for you here in any case?
Captain ArcherThere's something very strange about them.

Someone should keep an eye on these girls for reasons of security.

Commander T'polI could not agree more.
Captain ArcherTherefore, we will need a watch man unmatched in his knowledge of all things dealing with the security of our nation. Someone bold, handsome, and daring. It is for these very stately and non-selfish reasons that I nominate--
Commander T'polFinishing that sentence would be a waste of breath as my answer is going to be "no".
Captain ArcherAww nuts.
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