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Episode 238
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A Light Warrior By Any Other Name…
Date Published Saturday January 18th, 2003
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Admit it, Black Magia is gosh darn cute.

Cast Appearing[]


Ye Ladyes Barrackes


Commander T'pol There's one sure fire way to find out the real truth, here.


What are your names?

Thief Er... uh... our names?

I'm Thefica. This is Fighterina. And Black Magia. And--

Red Mage I'm Debora.
Commander T'pol Hrm...

Well, those are girls' names. Their story checks out. Let's go.

Commander T'pol turns back to the disguised Light Warriors.
Commander T'pol Your four, I expect you to be in full battle-dress and down in the courtyard for elf-fu practice in the next five minutes.
Light Warriors YES MA'AM!
Captain Archer starts imagining about Black Magia.
Captain Archer There is something unusual about those girls. Especially the cute one! I hope to see a lot more of her. Nekkid, that is!
The Light Warriors are staring at Red Mage.
Red Mage Don't look at me like that.

I've always thought Debora was a pretty name.

Black Mage Let's just try to ignore Red Mage's transvestite urges and get the hell out of here.
Red Mage I am secure enough in my own sexual identity and orientation that I can ignore your base and inflammatory remarks, Black Mage.

In fact, I won't even dignify your infantile statement with a response.

Besides, I'm not the one who wears a long, flowing garment like some other Light Warriors I could mention.

Black Mage These are robes!