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Episode 239
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Perhaps Elf Sight Ain't So Hot After All
Date Published Tuesday January 21st, 2003
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Legolas is kinda cute...

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The Light Warriors are stood in Ye Ladyes Barrackes, still disguised as women.
Thief I can't believe they fell for it.
Red Mage I told you that my disguise skill would be handy.
Black Mage That one elf was lookin' at me kinda funny.
Thief Oh, yeah. Playing dress up was quick thinking, but I was actually referring to that.
The ship is shown to be stuck vertically through the roof of the building, with a poster covering the protruding part of the ship, declaring Legolas from Lord of the Rings to be Elf-teen Magazine Hunk-o-the-month.
Red Mage I suppose it was a rather brilliant stroke of misdirection, if I do say so myself.
Fighter He is kinda cute though.
Black Mage Dammit, Fighter.