8-Bit Theater
Episode 245
The future former royal family will hate this clause.
The future former royal family will hate this clause.
Wheels Within Wheels
Date Published Tuesday February 4th, 2003
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At this point I think you have to be scheming to be an Elf.

Cast Appearing[]



Thief This is not what I had in mind when I began my quest. How did I travel so far only to arrive where it all began? Er, in the jail of the place where it all began, anyway.
Black Mage What do you mean I'm the cutest one?!
You can't even see my face!
Fighter Therein lies your advantage, BM.
Black Mage If anything, Thief should do it.
He's got those rogue-ish good looks after all.
Thief I knew these guys were stupid enough to easily manipulate...
Black Mage He seems a little Elfish to me anyway.
He's probably used to it.
Thief That's why I joined them. I figured this whole "Light Warrior" schtick would be a great cover for my ulterior motives, but how could I have known that they'd be so stupid as to set me so far back?
I only pray that it's not too late to save my father...
Dr. Malpractice Hello, Chancellor Usurper.
Astos Greetings, Doctor. How are our patients on this fine day?
Dr. Malpractice Our illustrious king, Sire of the Khee'Bler clan, suffers still. He is bedridden and hardly aware of the world around him.
Astos What of our prince?
Dr. Malpractice Er ah, the prince? Why his condition has continued to deteriorate. Yeah.
Astos And you have spared no expense in your valiant search for a cure, I trust?
Dr. Malpractice Naturally, my Elfocratic oath would allow for nothing less!
Alas, the prince's condition boggles even my medical training.
Astos Excellent. The best revolutions are the ones that are state approved!
And if neither Father nor Son is fit to take the Throne within a Year and a Day, the Rulership of all the Lands of Elf shall pass unto he who is Chancellor.
Astos I shall see to it personally that the new Sahn'Ta Clan government rewards you most handsomely for your efforts, Doctor.
Dr. Malpractice I already have been...
Astos What was that, Doctor?
Dr. Malpractice Er, I said that this will be a new glorious day for the elves of Sahn'Ta.