8-Bit Theater
Episode 248
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Dream Analysis
Date Published Sunday February 8th, 2003
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The Light Warriors Share Their Nightmares.

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Red Mage Was it just me, or was Matoya's nightmare poison even worse last night?
Thief Well...
Thief describes his dream, apparently of him getting ripped apart and devoured by a monstrous dollar bill.
Fighter That is creepy, but mine was way worse than that.
Fighter describes his dream. He is holding two hilts with no blades.
Red Mage You call bladeless hilts a nightmare? Let me instruct you in the ways of terror.
Red Mage describes his dream. He is naked, and all his stats, except for his Charisma, are abysmally low.
Black Mage While the prospect of your nudity is a lesson in horror, that was hardly nightmare worthy.
I had a nightmare of such insidious design, it'll make you wish your brains would implode just so you won't have to contemplate it further.
Red Mage Well what was it, Mr. Nightmare Pants?
Black Mage Don't say I didn't warn you.
Black Mage describes his dream. He is standing in front of Fighter, reaches up, and takes off his hat, revealing Fighter's face underneath.
Red Mage I'm sorry I ever doubted you.
Fighter Wait. I don't get it.