8-Bit Theater
Episode 250
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Is That Plot Thickening I smell?
Date Published Sunday February 18th, 2003
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The Prince Returns!

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Astos Bring in the next prisoners.
I could really get used to this whole absolute power/corruption thing I've got goin' on.
Thief, Red Mage, Black Mage, and Fighter are brought in.
Dr. Malpractice These criminal dogs stand charged with tresspassing Elfish territories.
The court would like to note, however, that the accused are humans and therefore several levels below a literally vandalizing crime.
Dr. Malpractice The comparison to stupid stinky humans meant no ill will toward dogs, criminal or otherwise.
Thief Wait a second.
Chancellor Usurper, Doctor Malpractice! It's me!
Astos Why is that familiar sounding voice not begging for its miserable life?
Dr. Malpractice That couldn't be.... Oh no.
An image of Thief is shown in a more royal outfit.
Astos Familiar sounding voice... Rogue-ish good looks... weird blue Elvis-ish hair...
Dr. Malpractice Are you thinking what I hope you're thinking?
Astos Paranoid and reactionary, that's the name of the game.
Astos In addition to your crimes as humanity, the elf-looking human in the back with the inexplicably pointy elf ears gets one count of Royal Impersonation for looking just like the prince!
Thief But I am the prince!
Fighter, Red Mage, and Black Mage all let out a simultaneous "GASP!"
Astos Lies! Doctor Malpractice has been treating Prince Elf for a debilitating illness that has thus far eluded all treatments, no matter 'how expensive and outlandish they are. He has personally seen to the prince every day for the last year.
Thief GASP!
Thief In accordance with elf law, I demand to see proof of Prince Elf's medical condition immediately if not sooner.
Astos Your familiarity with elven law is suspicious. And even though the prince hasn't received a visitor other than the doctor for the duration of his illness, I'll allow it.
Dr. Malpractice That's a bad idea. Er, medically speaking.