8-Bit Theater
Episode 268
That humming looks just like Baby Got Back.
That humming looks just like Baby Got Back.
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Date Published Thursday April 3rd, 2003
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The Light Warriors are in a sticky situation.

Cast Appearing[]



Black Mage So this is what it's come to.
Being devoured by giant mutant spiders. I wish I could say it came as a surprise.
Black Mage They don't appear to be in league with some nameless horror from the nether-dimensions I inadvertently pissed off by trying to enslave. So there probably isn't an undying eternity of pain afterward.
So that's a plus.
Drizz'l Doo doo doo, dum de dum doo...
Thief and Black Mage watch Drizz'l walk by.
Black Mage and Red Mage look at each other.
Red Mage Hi!
Black Mage Shut up!
Didn't you see that guy?
Red Mage I can't move my arms, so I can't roll my wits plus alertness to find out if I saw him.
Black Mage He walked right by! You saw him with your own eyes!
Red Mage It would be cheating to use out of character knowledge.
Red Mage ...While anyone was looking.
Black Mage "Let's vote for Red Mage! He'll be a great addition to the team!" You morons.
Red Mage I could make "Great Addition to the Team" one of my bonus feats.
Black Mage If you could move your arms?
Red Mage Yeah.
Black Mage It's a good thing I'm ignoring him.