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Episode 288
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On The Way Out
Date Published Thursday May 29th, 2003
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Why White Mage doesn't like Black Mage.

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Black MageI'm not sure what it is, but I get the sneaking suspicion that White Mage doesn't like me.
Red MageMaybe it's the unfocused, blind murderous rage.
ThiefOr the Constant and unwanted pick up lines.
Black BeltOr all the other stupid things you say.
Black MageYou don't really think--
Red MageOr those heartless acts of depravity.
ThiefOr your less than steller personality.
FighterAnd let's not forget the smell!
Red MageWell, how could you.
ThiefKinda hard to do that. Believe me.
Black BeltI assumed it went without saying, myself.
Black MageThose are my spell components and shut up.
ThiefOughta cast yerself a shower one of these days.
Black MageThat's it. You shall all suffer my undying wrath. So there.
ThiefIt can't be as bad as the smell.
Red Mage, Black Belt, and Fighter giggle, "tee hee," and snicker.
Black MageRight! Who said that? I can wait all day. Or maybe I can flay the skin from your bones with a rusty, jagged knife. I'm not even sure I'd stop after you give me what I want.
White MageYou deplorable monster, don't you have any sense of loyalty? These are your comrades. How dare you treat them in this way!
Black Mage'Cause they're assholes!
White MageCome on, guys. You don't have to put up with his abuse. When we get back to town, we can all have cookies. Except Black Mage.
The others yell "Yay!"
Black MageBut I... But they... But.
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