8-Bit Theater
Episode 297
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Date Published Thursday June 19th, 2003
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Usurper revealed!

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Astos But... How?!
Thief I was on to your scam all along.
Astos Impossible! I spent my entire life gaining this position and the trust of the royal family in preparation for this ultimate act of betrayal!
Thief Well, yeah. That was my first clue. You're a chancellor. They're always backstabbers scheming to take the throne from those who rightfully deserve it through accident of birth.
Fighter I gotta say, genetics are not a good prerequisite for competent rulership.
Thief Shush! You're not helping.
Astos I must commend you, Your Highness. You have eluded my every clandestine attempt to maim or murder you. You have recovered the Royal Crown of Royalty. And you have uncovered my treacherous plot to cast Elfland into a civil war.
Thief Wait. I thought your treacherous plot was to overthrow the ruling Khee'bler Clan elves in favor of the Sahn'ta clan elves.
Astos Originally, yes. But now that I've been discovered, I can claim the Sahn'ta clan elders were behind it all.
Astos Thus causing a cultural and ethnic divide that'll tear Elfland asunder.
Thief But that's utter madness!
Astos And terror and strife and all kinds of other awful things.
Astos All I was going to do as ruler was plunge Elfland into a modern Dark Age anyway. A civil war will accomplish the same goal with the added benefit of watching you slit each other's throats in the process.
Thief But... why?!
Astos You haven't put it together yet? I'm the Dark Elf King Astos! And Elfland must burn!