Fallout: Nuka Break
Season 1 - Episode 3
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Episode 3
Date Posted September 26, 2011
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Twig, Ben, and Scarlett have a little date with the mayor. Ben meets his contact for their job.

Cast Appearing[]

  • Twig (Zack Finfrock)
  • Ben (Aaron Giles)
  • Scarlett (Tybee Diskin)
  • Touch Conners (Doug Jones)
  • Raz (Steven Dengler)
  • Larry (Kevin Brooks; first appearance)
  • The mysterious stranger
  • Old general store owner (Vic Mignogna)
  • Citizens of Eastwood
  • Some gamblers


  • Eastwood

Running time[]

Twelve minutes, five seconds


The wasteland...
A desolate place darkened by the shadows of a dead civilization.
There are no heroes, only survivors.
This is the story of one man's quest to find happiness.
The perfect Nuka-Break...
Fallout: Nuka Break
We follow the trio from the previous episode, as they are held-up by the guards of Eastwood. Conners stares at them uncomfortably. After a moment of silence, Ben looks about as he reaches for his coat pocket. The guards aim their guns at him.
Mayor Conners I would choose your next move Very. Carefully, burnbag.
Twig What are you doing?
Scarlett You trying to get us killed?
Ben pauses, and takes out a pack of cigarettes from his pocket. He takes a stick out and puts away the pack. Conners looks at him, intrigued.
Ben You two need to calm down.
(lighting the cigarette in his mouth) If they're gonna shoot us, they'd have done it already.
Conners smiles.
Mayor Conners Well, you've got some balls there, son.
Now who are you? What're you all doing in my town?
Scarlett I--
Twig (simultaneously) We're--
Twig and Scarlett stare at each other.
Scarlett We thought we'd be--
Twig (simultaneously) We're looking for--
Twig and Scarlett stare at each other again.
Scarlett (to Twig, gesturing) Go...
Twig We're actually just looking for work, sir!
Mayor Conners You slavers? Caesar's Legion?
Scarlett (shaking head) No, no...
Twig Oh n-no, not at all! I-I mean, far from it, sir!
Mayor Conners Yeah?
Prove it.
Twig Uuhh...
Scarlett Umm...
Ben looks at the both of them.
Scarlett Oh! The... the thing, the papers. The papers.
Twig Yeah, yeah...
Twig pats his body to find what he was looking for. He then realizes it was in his bag, so he reaches for it, but the guards cock their guns at Twig.
Twig (hands out) Eh! Oh! Hey! Hey, sorry...
Conners rolls his eyes and sighs impatiently.
Twig Uhh, I'm just going for my bag? I know it's right next to my gun, sorry...
Twig takes out Scarlett's bounty note.
Twig (shows Conners) Ok. Yep, yeeap.
(pointing at it) It's uh, it's actually... right...
Raz walks over, watching Scarlett and Ben, and takes the note from Twig.
Raz I'll take that.
Raz examines the note.
Raz (give it to Conners) You need to see this.
Twig (to Scarlett) Sorry...
Scarlett says nothing.
Conners examines the note, then quickly glances up at Scarlett. She pulls away her hair, buffeted by the wind, to show Conners her face. Conners blinks at the resemblance, and glances at Ben and Twig. He forms a half-smile.
Mayor Conners (putting away note) Well, now... ain't this something?
He slowly walks over, closing up to Twig uncomfortably. He quickly examines his face, and clasps his hands on his cheeks, laughing creepily, playfully smacking him.
Mayor Conners (tips his hat) I am Touch Conners, mayor of Eastwood: the only true slavery-free town in the NCR.
Twig laughs, relieved.
Mayor Conners (shakes Twig's hand) Put 'er there! Hahaha...
(pokes at his nose) Boop! Good to have you kids with us!
Twig and Conners laugh, and Scarlett purses her lips, and Ben glances at her.
We cut to Conners introducing the trio to the town.
Mayor Conners You see, Twig, I was born a slave myself. I got away, found a plot of land to call my own after I killed that worthless sack of shit who claimed it first.
Twig Heh...
Mayor Conners Other slaves found their way here, and in time, we built Eastwood. And we keep it free.
All the while, Conners caresses and touches Twig uncomfortably, to the point of hurting him once or twice.
Mayor Conners Every person here, is a free man, and I aim to keep it that way.
Twig I m-mean w-well, that's good!
Mayor Conners Well, yeah it's good! Hahaha...
(pats Twig's cheeks again) It's real good!
So what did you say brings you this way again? You lookin' for work, is it?
Ben (interjects) Actually, I'm lookin' for Larry. Is he around?
Conners changes expressions, disappointed.
Mayor Conners Yeah. Larry's here. I don't care for him much myself, but uh, y'know, I don't say no to someone who brings business to town if you know what I mean, heheh...
(points) You can find him over by the general store.
Ben (leaves) Thank you.
Mayor Conners (to Twig) So, work!
Twig Yeah, I mean, well, he's got--
Approaching Guard (to Conners) Sir, we've got reports of geckos near the brahmin.
Conners pets the guard.
Mayor Conners (to Twig) If you'll excuse me,
Twig (nods) Mhmm.
Mayor Conners (takes out pistol) Matters demand my urgent attention. You, enjoy your day.
Twig Uhh, okay. No, I'm sure I will! Isn't that right, Scarr...
He looks around and finds Scarlett isn't there.
It turns out Scarlett has run off to play Caravan with a bunch of gamblers.
Gambler A Give it to her, come on, I got two caps on this.
Twig Scar?
As Twig looks around like a lost puppy, someone with a glass shard is watching over Twig on its reflection.
Cut to someone selling Jet to passerby. Ben walks up to the seller.
Larry It's the best of the best! If you're looking for that extra boost in stamina and I know you are, little lady. You've come to the right place! Hahaha...
Ben (holds a pipe) Still trying to sell this crap, huh?
Larry Well, well, well. If it ain't Benjie. Haha...
Cut back to Twig, who is greeting random people...
Twig Hey...
Hey! Nice weather, right?
Hey how ya guys doin'?
A mysterious stranger holding a box totters by.
Twig Hi!
Hey, what's up?
The stranger's hat gets blown to the ground. Twig immediately picks it up, dusts it off, and puts it back on his head.
Twig (jokingly) Now you owe me! Hahaha...
Hi, guys! I'm just looking for my friend...?
The stranger glances at him and walks away. Meanwhile, Twig takes notice of a Nuka-Cola sign at a general store.
Twig walks in and looks around. An old man sat in a rocking chair, smoking a cigar. There are various weapons and junk on the walls. Twig feasts his eyes on three Nuka-Colas on top of a shelf above the old man.
Twig (points) How much?
The old man stays silent.
Twig (whining) How much?
The old man looks up after a puff.
Old Shopkeeper How much?
Twig Yes!
The old man slowly looks up as Twig fidgets in place. Twig continues to point childishly.
Old Shopkeeper For the bottle?
Twig Yes!
Old Shopkeeper And what's in 'em?
Twig Yes?!
The old man takes his time on his appraisal.
Old Shopkeeper I'd say...
Twig Yeah?!
The old man takes another puff as he hmms.
Twig Words... speak words, old man!
The old man thinks some more.
Old Shopkeeper Three caps.
Twig Great!
Twig flings the caps at his face and he immediately jumps for the bottles, downing one on the spot as his geiger counter clicks. He throws the bottle, which shatters on the ground.
Old Shopkeeper I gotta say, boy. I never seen nobody drink so fast.
Twig drinks his second bottle.
Old Shopkeeper You got a lead belly or somethin', sonny?
Twig makes a long, elegant burp.
Cut back to Ben... Larry is counting his caps.
Larry It's been a while, Benjie. Haha...
Ben Yes, it has. Not since the arena, at least.
Been to the stables lately?
Larry Uh, not since uhh... '63. You were there.
Ben I don't remember that.
Larry I do.
Ben I see you're still trying to make a living off of this crap.
Larry (pauses, rolls a cap between his fingers) What can I say? Old habits.
What have you been up to then?
Ben Travelling, mostly.
Larry How is that treating ya?
Ben Shitty.
That's why I'm here.
Larry Oh?
Ben (looks around) It's not me to say this, so I'll just go and say it.
I need a job.
Larry laughs with a closed mouth.
Larry That is a big thing, coming from you.
(points) Especially you.
Ben Yeah? Blow it out your ass.
Larry Oh?
Ben I was hoping that this job could score my debt with you.
Larry (looks at the pipes) I'm not quite sure your debt's small enough to be handled by such a... small job.
Ben I'm not talkin' about this. I've got friends.
Larry You? Friends? Hehehahaha...
Jump back to Twig... who's drinking his last bottle.
Twig D'you have any more?
Old Shopkeeper (looks around) I've got...
(grabs Sunset Sarsaparilla next to him) I got some uhh... I got some Sunset.
Twig (grimaces) Does that look like Nuka-Cola?
Old Shopkeeper Mmhh... Not like I said, well for. It's Sunset.
Twig (shakes head) I'm talking about Nuka-Cola. Do you have any more... Nuka?
Old Shopkeeper Oh! Nuka?
Twig Yeah! Is it...
Old Shopkeeper No, I just got Sunset.
Twig immediately disappeared from the store.
We cut to a female guard who's watching Scarlett and the gamblers playing Caravan.
Gambler B There's, there's that! Right, that's what I told 'er. I told you girls can't play Caravan. Let's go! C'mon...
Scarlett lays down a card. Gambler A claps his hands and cheers.
Gambler B What?! How do you have that card?!
Scarlett Hey!
Gamber B How do you have that--
Scarlett I gave you fair warning!
Gambler B tosses back his wagered caps to Gambler A. The fourth gambler storms out in a huff.
Scarlett Ohh... don't be like that.
Gambler B (sits down sobbing) That's the only two chips I had...
Scarlett Hey... is he, is he crying?
Scarlet and the first gambler have a laugh.
Jump back to Ben and Larry...
Larry They any good?
Ben No. But I'll take what I can get... a couple of smoothskins.
Larry Not like you'd keep pets, Benjie.
Ben Have you got a job, or not?
Larry Maybe I do, maybe I don't.
I gotta see these... friends o'yours first.
Ben Y'know, I'll just go back to not scoring my debt with you.
Larry Ah, ah, now don't be like that. I just wanna know they can handle what I need 'em to do.
Ben You got a problem with suicide missions now?
Larry I just don't want my time wasted. Again.
Ben That valuable, huh?
Larry (nods) Mmm.
Ben Fine... see for yourself.
Larry looks at the end of the alley. He sees Scarlett handing Twig the caps she earned from gambling. She also hands Twig her rifle as she fixes her hair. Conners joins them as they start talking to each other. Larry is intrigued by Scarlett.
Larry She's pretty.
Ben Yeah.
Conners pokes Scarlett on the nose. Larry seems decided.
Larry I got a job for you, pal.
Conners pinches Twig's cheek as Scarlet continues to fix her hair.
Larry A real job.