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Episode 302
Episode 0302
I learn talk good.
That was a Mistake
Date Published Tuesday July 1, 2009
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Black Mage peer edits (alternate) Fighter's notes on Sword-Chuckery.

Cast Appearing Edit

FighterBlack Mage, Black Mage! You know all those prothetic dreams I've had with a spectacled talking sword telling me that I'm a chosen warrior? They're true!
Black MageYes, clearly I was a fool to doubt the words of a figment talking sword.
FighterDo you know how I know it's true?
Black MageNo, but I'm sure I will no matter how much I care.
FighterI found the ultimate guide to Sword-Chucks in my pocket just now! It was written by an alternate version of myself, probably through some overly-complicated series of indecipherable events of the temporal mechanic variety. Anyway! Not only do I have the potential to achieve the other me's greatness, which is mine, but I've got a head start on it thanks to these notes!
Black MageThat's nonsense. Allow me to lend those notes my critical eye... BEAMS!
Black Mage fires his eye beams at Fighter and his notes, destroying only the notes and leaving a somewhat charred Fighter.
Black MageI did you a favor. See how those notes disintegrated like so many dreams upon the harsh crags of reality? You don't need to prop your hopes up on something so fleeting. It will only end in suffering.
FighterI can tell...
Black Mage goes off screen.
FighterWell, it's a good thing I committed the contents of those notes to memory.
Fightar's MemeryDid you ever notice that you park in a driveway and drive in a parkway?
FighterAw, stupid useless memory. I forget things so fast, it's a wonder I talking good can still do.
Black MageQuit lagging behind! And don't give me that sad "my life is ruined" puppy eyes routine. All I did was speed up the process so you wouldn't have time to get your hopes up.
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