8-Bit Theater
Episode 303
Black Belt's a Royal Standin
Black Belt's a Royal Standin
In Case You Were Wondering About Them...
Date Published Thursday July 3, 2003
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Black Belt's (Lack Of A) Sense of Direction Leads to More Trouble

Cast Appearing[]

Meanwhile, deep in some forest somewhere...
Black Belt So... are we there yet?
White Mage If we were, you certainly wouldn't know, would you?
Black Belt You're not still mad, are you?
White Mage Mad? Why would I be mad?
White Mage All we had to do was wake up in Elfland and then follow the Light Warriors out.
White Mage Here it is I-don't-know-how-much-later and we're wandering around what I can only assume is still Elfland based solely on the face that we haven't bumped into an ocean yet.
Black Belt You are still mad about us getting lost, aren't you?
White Mage No, Black Belt. Why would I be upset that your pathological inability to follow so much as the most obvious of trails turned a simple tailing into the Jungle Crawl of No Escape.
White Mage I can't remember the last time we saw any signs of civilization much less the Warriors we're supposed to be keeping an eye on! What could I be upset about hmm?
Black Belt This isn't about what happened in the castle, is it?
Flashback to Elfland Castle. Black Belt is walking through the throne room.
Black Belt Man, where's the fuggin' bathroom in this elven labyrinth?
Black Belt Ooh, a crown. Ooh, a balcony. Ooh, a throng of elves.
Throng of Elves All hail King Elf!
Cut back to the present.
Black Belt They could hardly see me, that balcony was so high up. And how often does a regular shmoe elf see the King up close anyway?
Black Belt All they know is that there is a king. They don't know or particularly care who it is.
Black Belt More to the point, they don't need to know.
Black Belt The idea of a King is good for their economy and that's what counts. That, and we got away with our lives.
White Mage True...