8-Bit Theater
Episode 305
It Sure Did
It Sure Did
Careful What You Say
Date Published Tuesday July 8, 2003
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...Around Blind Witches.

Cast Appearing[]


Matoya's Cave


Thief Hasn't this daffy witch heard of a light spell?
Red Mage She's blind, why would she bother?
Fighter Well, it's hard to appreciate interior design in the dark.
Black Mage Jeezy chreezy, Fighter!
Black Mage Did they drop you on the head as a child? Often?
Fighter Hm...
Flashback to Fighter's Childhood
Kid Fighter Mmm! Power lines and paint chips! My childhood rocks!
Back to present
Fighter Nope, why?
Black Mage Never mind.
Black Mage Even your idiocy can't depress me today. My imagination is aflame with thoughts of meeting that stupid blind Matoya so I can exact some sweet stabbity revenge for her stupid, stinky nightmare poison. And she'll never see it coming either. Get it! Never see it comin'! 'Cause she's blind! And dumb! And ugly!
The lights turn on with a "click".
Matoya Hiya!
Black Mage And compassionate and interesting and smart enough to know when you're kidding, and is never fooled by Fighter's amazing ventriloquism skill.