8-Bit Theater
Episode 306
Anyone Have a Maiden's Kiss?
Anyone Have a Maiden's Kiss?
Red Mage Didn't Listen
Date Published Thursday July 10, 2003
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Which Is Why He's A Frog Now

Cast Appearing[]


Matoya's Cave


Matoya Oh, don't worry about it, Black Mage. See, when you get to my level of power, chumps like you don't mean a thing.
Black Mage Gee, thanks.
Thief Hold it.
Thief If you're so powerful, then how did Bikke steal your crystal and why did you need "chumps" like us to fetch it for you?
Matoya Er... well, the thing is, see, um.
Matoya Do not question wizards, for they are quick to turn you into a toad. Again.
Red Mage I think she's just a sadistic old hag whose only pleasure in life is derived from making everyone else miserable.
Red Mage has been turned into a frog by Matoya.
Matoya The thing about being blind is that your other senses will pick up the slack.
Red Mage Crap.
Thief Better you than me.
Black Mage Can you teach that to me?